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My background: Marine Radio Operator NZ Post, New Zealand Navy, British Petroleum Signals, Audio Design Engineer, Radio Serviceman.
25 years programming; Delphi. Assembler, C/++, Smart, OPL, 8051 micro C.
Manufacturer, Inventor. Web page developer/Wordpress, some PHP. Married with 3 girls. Christian.


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Image description Waihi Beach modern Holiday Home Accommodation. Great location: close beach, shops, pub, clubs, Waihi golf, bush walks and more. Kick off your shoes and relax. ThehomeNZ is located at the start of a recommended tourist route along the Coromandel Peninsula, where we have the some of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. There is 9kms of beautiful white sand, and several surfing areas. It has modern shops, good restaurants and a wide range of activites, from surfing and fishing and wonderful walks. Despite being modern and fully appointed, prices are competitive from $120/night offseason per couple. © Alistair George Manufacturing 2016